Welcome Calvin Klein Eyewear to Tatum EyeCare

February 1st, 2017

The Calvin Klein Eyewear Collection


We’re so happy to welcome the Calvin Klein Eyewear Collection to Tatum EyeCare! Wearing Calvin Klein eyewear makes a bold statement by combining minimalist ideals and a tastefully sophisticated style. Since 1968, Calvin Klein has built a solid reputation as a leader in the American fashion industry through its clean aesthetics and innovative designs.

After nearly 50 years, Calvin Klein eyewear pays homage to its namesake’s reputation as a cultural catalyst across the globe by embracing tension, sparking ideas and creating unforeseen realities for the brand!

Calvin Klein Eyeglasses


The Calvin Klein eyewear collection is based on a passion for high quality eyewear, for fashion and for people alike. In this way, Calvin Klein eyeglasses represent the penultimate expression of Calvin Klein’s creativity and functionality through innovative designs that appeal to the culturally inspired global influencers inside each of us.

Calvin Klein eyeglasses feature minimalist design aesthetics expertly contrasted with rich colorations and artful detailing. In fact, all branding on Calvin Klein Eyeglasses have been removed, taking minimalism to a new level with no visible logo on the outside of the frame. However, Calvin Klein’s globally recognized Reverse Hinge is integrated fully in both the sunglass and optical glass collections.

Who are Calvin Klein Eyeglass Frames for?


Calvin Klein eyeglass frames cater to men and women with many unisex pieces as well. No matter your personal style and unique fashion sense, rest assured Calvin Klein eyeglass frames have you covered. 

To help get you fitted for the perfect pair of Calvin Klein eyeglass frames,  VSP members can receive an additional benefit of up to $40 more. If you are not a VSP member, do not fret…. because if you mention this blog we will give you 25% off your first Calvin Klein eyewear purchase with us!

Family Eye Care in Phoenix


With a huge selection of designer glasses to choose from, and a staff that treats you and yours like members of our own family, Tatum EyeCare is clearly reframing the family eye care experience in Phoenix. We proudly stock the complete Collection of sunglasses and optical frames, as well as designer frames to fit every personal taste and budget. We welcome you to stop by today to check out the new Calvin Klein Collection…. and please contact us to learn more about how Tatum EyeCare is clearly the best choice for family eye care in Phoenix!


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