the glare of an electrical device on a girl's glasses
If you spend any significant amount of time on your computer or smart device, you probably have at least heard

  Myopia and Hyperopia are fancy, intimidating words to some people. Bu did you know that according to the National

  Glaucoma, also called the “sneak thief of sight,” is a serious eye disease that can cause permanent blindness if

a females large blue eye
The importance of eye health cannot be understated. The CDC estimates that 11 million Americans over the age of 12

Intermediate age related macular degeneration
  Did you know that age related macular degeneration (AMD) is actually the leading cause of irreversible vision loss? More

Purse Impressions charity image
Purse-Impressions transforms the tragedy and heartbreak of losing a child from addiction into inspiration and compassion for others who are

shamir progressive lens image
  Whether you already own progressive lenses, or you have been entertaining upgrading to them, Shamir progressive lenses offer next

  Tom Ford Eyeglasses Sale: July 13th 11am - 2pm!   Tatum Eyecare is hosting its very first Tom Ford

a man's eye with a cataract
Important Information About Cataracts   Why it is it important to share information about cataracts? Well, did you know that

a pair of eyeglasses not reflecting glare
Is Anti-Reflective Coating for Glasses Worth It?   Is anti-reflective coating for glasses worth it? Our customers ask this question