Is Anti-Reflective Coating for Glasses Worth It?

Is anti-reflective coating for glasses worth it? Our customers ask this question on an almost daily basis. But anti-reflective coating for glasses is not a new thing. Anyone who has purchased a pair of eyeglasses, walked by an optical shop, or even seen a commercial on the television for eyeglass lenses in the past decade or so has mostly likely heard of anti-reflective coating  How can you be sure anti-reflective coating for glasses are right for you? Is anti-reflective coating for glasses worth it? Let’s answer this question by examining the facts….

Do Anti-Reflective Coatings on Glasses Reduce Glare?

Yes, anti-reflective coatings on glasses reduce glare. By applying anti-reflective coating to the front and back of an eyeglass lens, we can reduce the amount of glare that reflects off the surface of the lens. This allows more light to pass through the lens to your eyes, and it also provides you with clearer and sharper vision. Applying anti-reflective coatings on glasses to reduce glare even makes eyeglasses more attractive. Reducing glare also means anti glare coating for eyeglasses actually reduces eye strain.

Does Anti-Glare Coating for Eyeglasses Reduce Eye Strain?

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Yes. By eliminating annoying reflections from the front and back of the lens, your eyes do not have to strain to see through the lens surface. Think about all the glare we subject our eyes to on a daily basis. Some common glare inducers include computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions, and just as importantly the sun during the day and headlights or street lights at night.  

Because anti-glare coating for eyeglasses reduces eye strain, our eyes do not tire as quickly as they otherwise would. Additionally, anti-glare coating for eyeglasses also help people see your eyes instead of reflections coming off the front of your lenses. This becomes particularly noticeable, and makes a huge difference, in photos and videos.

Caring for Anti Reflective Coating on Eyeglasses

Caring for anti-reflective coating on eyeglasses is very simple. Most good quality anti-reflective coatings are hydrophobic and oleophobic (meaning they repel water and oils), in addition to repelling dust and smudges. This makes them remarkably easy to clean. Good quality coatings will also have a one to two year scratch warranty on them, meaning if the lenses become scratched at any point within that time frame, the lab will replace the lenses at no cost to you. This is a great benefit because caring for anti-reflective coating on eyeglasses is never going to be foolproof.

Not all Anti-Reflective Coating Brands are Created Equal

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The peace-of-mind gained from a good manufacturer’s warranty is well worth the added expense of a good quality coating…. because not all anti-reflective coating brands are created equal. There are significant differences between anti-reflective coating brands.


  • High quality anti-reflective coating brands filter out glare, eliminating the strain on our eyes. Their coatings repel water, oils, dust, and smudges. They have a scratch warranty that brings peace of mind amid the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day glasses wearer.
  • Standard anti-glare coating for eyeglasses does not repel dust, smudges, water, etc. Because of that fact alone, the number one complaint from our customers is the difficulty they face cleaning their lenses. Additionally, the warranty on a standard coating is an average of 90 days, not the 12-24 months of a high quality coating.

What is the Cost of Anti-Reflective Coating on Glasses?

The warranty length alone is reason enough to justify the cost of anti-reflective coating on glasses. Of course, the cost of anti-reflective coating on glasses will vary depending on whether you choose standard or high quality anti reflective coating brands. The benefit for many consumers is that most vision insurance plans significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expense. Using vision insurance, the cost of anti-reflective coating on glasses is generally a copay of around $45-95. For that amount, going with a high quality brand is well worth it!

Anti-Reflective Coating Benefits Everyone!

Anti-reflective coating benefits for eyeglasses know no age or specific use. Adults and children alike can benefit from anti-reflective coatings. After all, children are spending more and more time on tablets, computers and cell phones, starting at very young ages. Their eyes, just like an adult’s, have to strain to see through all the glare from each of the devices.

Plus, children are notorious for scratching their glasses, and the scratch warranty you get from a high quality brand can definitely come in handy in these cases.  

Whether for a person who is highly active in the outdoors, or someone who spends a large amount of time indoors behind a digital screen of any sort, anti-reflective coating benefits everyone and anyone who wears eyeglasses.

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