The History of Tatum EyeCare

It seems every successful business has a “chance meeting” story. The history of Tatum EyeCare is no different! Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a moment, and share the humble beginnings of what has now grown into the team of the best optometrists in North Phoenix!

Two Passionate Family Eye Doctors Meet

Once upon a time, there were two family eye doctors working for a chain optical store. One day they stuck up a casual conversation about their love of helping people view the world through clearer lenses. Upon realizing they both had the same values for patient care, they became good friends. Eventually, these two dedicated family eye doctors decided it was time to venture out from the confines of a large, impersonal company and open their own private practice where they could provide quality vision care for their patients. In 1998, our two family eye doctors James McPhelan and Bryan Fuller, opened their first location and named it Optical Illusions.

Viola… Quality Vision Care For All!

Everything went very well for for the next 8 years. Dr.’s Fuller and McPhelan provided patients with the quality vision care everyone deserved…. and by effective word of mouth advertising, their joint practice continued to grow. In 2006, our family eye doctors decided it was time to open a second location at Desert Ridge in North Phoenix. This location was aptly named The Optique at the Ridge. In 2008, they brought another doctor onboard who had the same passion for quality vision care and an expertise in hard to fit contact lenses. This was Dr. Lisa Ho. For seven years, the trio worked in harmony and, as a result, their practice flourished.

The Best Optometrists in North Phoenix

2016 was certainly a year for change! First, Dr. Ho moved to Seattle to be closer to her family. Then two new doctors, Barbara Lee and Ryan Felten, joined the ranks. They had the same passion for quality vision care as our founders.

Finally, Dr.’s McPhelan and Fuller decided that two small, separate locations just did not make sense for them or their valued clientele. In fact, one state-of-the-art office would allow all the doctors and staff to work together under one roof…. while providing their patients with a larger selection of eyewear from which they could choose!

Thus, Tatum EyeCare was born. Halfway, between each of the other locations, Tatum EyeCare stands tall, a pinnacle against the Valley’s mediocre large and small chain eye care providers. 20 years in and we are still going strong.

We are proud to continue our family tradition of providing quality vision care for people of all backgrounds, cultures and walks-of-life. Every client is a member of our eye care family, and every appointment is handled with the same level of expertise, care and compassion that makes us the best optometrists in Phoenix.

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