Polarized Lenses – Are They For You?

April 1st, 2017

What to Know About Polarized Sunglass Lenses

Polarized sunglass lenses offer superior protection against glare, particularly once you are out on open bodies of water. This is often a result of the way polarized sunglass lenses contain a special filter that effectively block intense, reflective light. If you’re looking into buying polarized sunglass lenses, chances are high that you already understand the hazards daylight glare will cause day after day.

What you may not recognize is that sunlight is often absorbed or mirrored in many completely different directions. Sunlight bouncing off horizontal surfaces, like water, land or the hood of a automobile is typically mirrored back in a very similar horizontal direction. This reflection produces an annoying amount of glare that not only creates visual discomfort, but may cause a doubtless glaring situation.

Glare has the potential to form a really dangerous scenario, particularly when driving. The laminate filter in polarized sunglass lenses permits only vertically orientated light to pass through every lens. This means horizontally orientated light is blocked so glare is virtually eliminated.

Are Polarized Lenses Better Than Regular Ones?

Are polarized lenses better than regular ones? The answer to this question depends on your primary purpose for wearing sunglasses in the first place. Is it for fashion, function or both? What are some advantages of polarized sunglass lenses then? In addition to reducing reflections and eliminating glare, polarized sunglass lenses:
*Improve comfort visually

*Reduce strain on the eyes

*Improve contrast and clarity

*Allow for true perception of colors
It is important to understand that most regular sunglass lenses are simply tinted with a single color. The drawback to plain tinted lenses is that although they reduce brightness, they do not remove glare like a polarized sunglass lens does. Also, certain regular tint shades and colors can impact how you perceive and differentiate colors. In some cases, this also can become a dangerous safety hazard. So to answer the question “Are polarized lenses better than regular ones?” and in our expert opinion and all around: Yes, they are.

Polarized Lens Colors

The most common polarized lens colors are gray and brown. However, the following polarized lens colors are generally available:
*Copper Silver, which tend to mirror the natural contrast of the environment

*Copper, which are excellent for variable light and for driving

*Sunrise Silver, which are great for low light activities

*Blue Mirror, which are perfect for eliminating glare on open bodies of water

*Green Mirror, which are outstanding for optical clarity in high contrast environments
If the manufacturer offers these polarized lens colors (or any new combinations as they come out), Tatum EyeCare can get and install them for you at great prices with no hassle.

Polarized Sunglasses in Phoenix

If you are looking to purchase high quality, fashionable polarized sunglasses in Phoenix, Tatum EyeCare has you covered. Our selection includes some of the best brands in the industry. We carry a wide variety of polarized lens colors, and our helpful staff can help you choose the pair that is perfect for you.  For the best polarized sunglasses in Phoenix that meet your needs and budget, we welcome you to stop by Tatum EyeCare, or to please contact us with any questions you might have!
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