What to Know About Polarized Sunglass Lenses

Polarized sunglass lenses offer superior protection against glare, particularly once you are out on open bodies of water. This is often a result of the way polarized sunglass lenses contain a special filter that effectively block intense, reflective light. If you’re looking into buying polarized sunglass lenses, chances are high that you already understand the hazards daylight glare will cause day after day.

What you may not recognize is that sunlight is often absorbed or mirrored in many completely different directions. Sunlight bouncing off horizontal surfaces, like water, land or the hood of a automobile is typically mirrored back in a very similar horizontal direction. This reflection produces an annoying amount of glare that not only creates visual discomfort, but may cause a doubtless glaring situation.

Glare has the potential to form a really dangerous scenario, particularly when driving. The laminate filter in polarized sunglass lenses permits only vertically orientated light to pass through every lens. This means horizontally orientated light is blocked so glare is virtually eliminated.

Are Polarized Lenses Better Than Regular Ones?

The answer to this question depends on your primary purpose for wearing sunglasses in the first place. Is it for fashion, function or both? What are some advantages of polarized sunglass lenses then? In addition to reducing reflections and eliminating glare, polarized sunglass lenses:

  • Improve comfort visually
  • Reduce strain on the eyes
  • Improve contrast and clarity
  • Allow for true perception of colors

It is important to understand that most regular sunglass lenses are simply tinted with a single color. The drawback to plain tinted lenses is that although they reduce brightness, they do not remove glare like a polarized sunglass lens does.

Also, certain regular tint shades and colors can impact how you perceive and differentiate colors. In some cases, this also can become a dangerous safety hazard. So to answer the question “Are polarized lenses better than regular ones?” and in our expert opinion and all around: Yes, they are.

Polarized Lens Colors

The most common polarized lens colors are gray and brown. However, the following polarized lens colors are generally available:

  • Copper Silver, which tend to mirror the natural contrast of the environment
  • Copper, which are excellent for variable light and for driving
  • Sunrise Silver, which are great for low light activities
  • Blue Mirror, which are perfect for eliminating glare on open bodies of water
  • Green Mirror, which are outstanding for optical clarity in high contrast environments

If the manufacturer offers these polarized lens colors (or any new combinations as they come out), Tatum Eyecare can get and install them for you at great prices with no hassle.

The Best Optometrists in North Phoenix

When you choose Tatum Eyecare for you vision health and fashion needs, you are choosing optometrists in North Phoenix who are invested in our clients and community. We carry many polarized lenses, as well as a wide selection of eyeglass frames from the industry leaders in style and quality for every budget. We’ve proudly served the Valley of the Sun for over 20 years. Stop in to view our extensive eyewear collection, and see for yourself how Tatum Eyecare reframes customer service and optical expertise for everyone!

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Dr. Bryan Fuller

Dr. Bryan Fuller of Tatum Eye Care in Phoenix Arizona
Dr. Fuller grew up in Issaquah, Washington and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University. He decided to ditch the calculator and trade it in for a phoropter and slit lamp. He headed east to The Ohio State University where he received his Optometry degree in 1998. Go Bucks! Not wanting to return to the gray of Washington, after graduation, he headed southwest to sunny Arizona. Shortly thereafter he met Dr. McPhelan and they partnered up at their original location, Optical Illusions. With the success of the first location, the two doctors opened up their north location, Optique at the Ridge. After many years of operating the two locations, it was time for an upgrade. In 2016 they merged the two locations into their larger and current location, Tatum Eyecare! When not at the office, Dr. Fuller enjoys spending his free time with his amazing wife and two boys. Dr. Fuller holds the following degrees:

Ohio State University - Doctorate of Optometry
Washington State University - B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Dr. James McPhelan

Dr. James McPhelan of Tatum Eye Care in Phoenix Arizona
Dr. McPhelan grew up in Southern California and enlisted in the Army at age 17. He graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 1976, then started practicing optometry in Arizona in 1977. Over the next few years, he grew 20/20 Eye Care to 15 offices. In 1999, he and Dr. Fuller took over Optical Illusions, then opened Optique at the Ridge. In 2016, they created Tatum Eyecare. In his spare time, Dr. McPhelan is an avid golfer, often competing in multiple tournaments through the year. Dr. McPhelan holds the following degrees:

Southern California College of Optometry - Doctorate of Optometry

Dr. Houle

Dr. Houle
Dr. Houle is following in her father's footsteps as an optometrist. She is a North Dakota native who received her Bachelor's degree from the University of North Dakota before earning her Doctorate of Optometry from Midwestern University - Arizona College of Optometry. Dr. Houle began her career in eye care more than 10 years ago, and she worked as a receptionist, optician, and technician before becoming an optometrist. She has a particular interest in the management of ocular disease including dry eye and glaucoma. In her free time, Dr. Houle is an avid baseball fan (go Twins!) and spends as much time as possible with her friends and family in both Arizona and North Dakota.

Midwestern University – Arizona College of Optometry - Doctorate of Optometry
University of North Dakota - Bachelor of Science: Biology

Dr. Kenneth O'Daniel

Dr. Kenneth O'Daniel of Tatum Eye Care in Phoenix Arizona
Dr. O’Daniel was born in the beautiful mountains of Waynesville, North Carolina and grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He attended Wright State University and graduated with his BS in Biology in 1977; shortly thereafter, beginning his Masters in BioChemistry.

Dr. O’Daniel is also a 1983 graduate of the Illinois College Optometry. He met his wife Lori during this period. Lori, a Chicago native, became an integral part of his practice (and life!) shortly thereafter.
He moved to Scottsdale in 1986 to begin practicing inside LensCrafters. In 1990 Dr. O'Daniel opened the Scottsdale LensCrafters, and he also presided as its director of Optometric services.
Dr. O’Daniel became an Optometrist because of his love and passion for photography, physics, and desire provide patients with the ability to see the world more clearly. As a licensed optometrist, Dr. O’Daniel provides complete eye care services for the surrounding communities ages seven and up.
Dr. O’Daniel has had a working relationship with both Dr. Fuller and McPhellan for over two decades. He has served as past director for the Arizona Optometric Association, and past President of the Central Arizona Optometric Society. In January, 2018 Dr. O’Daniel decided to join Tatum Eye Care, the premier Eye Care Center in Phoenix and Scottsdale.
Dr. O’Daniel’s goal is simple: Provide Excellent Eye Care, treat patients as family, and treat everyone honestly and fairly!

Dr. Christina Wong

Dr. Christina Wong of Tatum Eye Care in Phoenix Arizona
A southern California native, Dr. Wong attended UCLA where she received her B.S. in Biology. She then completed her Doctorate of Optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Wong moved to Arizona to complete a residency in ocular disease at Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital on the Gila River Indian Reservation. Following residency, Dr. Wong earned the distinction of Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry.

Dr. Wong provides comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages, from pediatrics through seniors. She has a special interest in the management of medical eye conditions including glaucoma, eye infections, dry eye and diabetic retinopathy.
Outside of the office, Dr. Wong enjoys running, going to the beach, rooting for the Bruins, and spending time with her husband and three daughters.
University of California Los Angeles - B.S. in Biology
Southern California College of Optometry - Doctorate of Optometry

Dr. Ryan Felten

Dr. Felten of Tatum Eye Care in Phoenix Arizona
Dr. Felten is a native to Arizona, and was raised in North Phoenix where most of his family still resides. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University; then returned home to Arizona to pursue his Doctor of Optometry at Midwestern University in Glendale. While at Midwestern University, he was a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society and was the recipient of the Clinical Excellence Award in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy. Dr. Felten enjoys working with patients of all ages and also speaks fluent Spanish. Dr. Felten holds the following degrees:

Brigham Young University - Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
Midwestern University - Doctorate of Optometry