Shamir Progressive Lenses: Next Generation Lens Technology!

June 26th, 2019


Whether you already own progressive lenses, or you have been entertaining upgrading to them, Shamir progressive lenses offer next generation lens technology that can benefit every person who wears eyeglasses. Shamir progressive lenses harness a revolutionary combination of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, Shamir lenses use Head Eye Integrative Movement Software (HEIMS) to “see” which location(s) human beings actually look through an eyeglass lens.

By taking both vertical and horizontal meridians into account when determining ideal focal point(s), Shamir is able to make lenses specifically for how each person will be using them. This commitment to innovation makes Shamir progressive lenses unlike any other lens you have ever worm, and they provide personalized visual experiences no other lens on the market can come close to offering!

Standard Progressive Lens Technology


a description of how progressive lenses work


Before we delve deeper into what makes Shamir lenses so revolutionary, let’s quickly review standard progressive lens technology. Progressive lenses redefined the multi-focal when they were first introduced in the late 1950’s. A progressive lens seamlessly blends your distance, intermediate (anything arm’s length away, such as a computer, dashboard, etc.) and reading prescriptions without a visible line like the bifocal or trifocal lenses. Today, progressive lens technology features digitally surfaced front and backside lenses that result in less distortion and wider fields of vision than traditional eyeglass lenses.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence: Superior Optic Clarity


a description of how shamir lenses work


In 2018, progressive lens technology was forever changed by the introduction of Shamir Autograph Intelligence. Shamir Autograph Intelligence not only creates digitally surfaced lenses, it uses Artificial Intelligence to provide you with the most seamless transition and the largest fields of vision regardless of distance between you and the objects you are viewing.

Through years of cutting-edge research, Shamir discovered that not everyone who needs progressive lenses will use their progressive lenses in the same way. For example, someone who is in their 70’s is not likely to use a progressive lens the way someone in their 40’s would. To reconcile differences like this, Shamir progressive lenses take your predicted use into consideration during the design process. As a result, Shamir Autograph Intelligence develops lenses that are just as unique as you.

Shamir Lenses Take Technological Habits into Account


Not only are Shamir lenses steeped in AI technology, they also take technological habits of individual users into account. According to the data Shamir exhaustively compiled, people in their early 40’s spend on average 2 hours reading and nearly 4 hours on a smartphone or tablet, with about 3.5 hours spent on a computer.


chart showing mobile device use by agechart showing computer use by age


Alternatively, those in their 60’s spend about 10 hours per week reading, about 4.5 hours on the computer and only 1.5 hours on a smartphone or tablet.


chart showing reading time by age


These are significant differences that require significantly different lenses. Shamir lenses accommodate for those differences smoothly and easily to ensure you receive exactly what you need from your progressive lenses.

Each Shamir Lens is Made to Suit You!


graphic discussing shamir eye point technology


Shamir lenses are so revolutionary because they are completely customized specifically to you. This means each Shamir lens in not just customized with your prescription, but also with your pupil measurements for optimal viewing at any distance near and far! As great as it has been, progressive lens technology has not able to provide the option of customizing near pupil measurement. This is important because not everyone’s eyes converge the same way. Since we are now able to customize these measurements, you are likely to have the easiest adaptation to a progressive lens possible. Taking the new measurements also ensures you get the most out of each Shamir lens for every field of vision! Thanks to Shamir lenses, the struggle for finding the ever elusive “sweet spot” should be over!

The Best Eye Doctors in Phoenix


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