Pink Eye Information You Should Know

If you’re here, you’re searching for pink eye data. Well, the great news is that you have come to the correct place! Let’s begin with the fundamentals….

Pink eye is dreadfully irritating and very contagious in many cases. With over three million reported cases  annually, pink eye is additionally one among the most common eye conditions in both kids and adults. Lucky for all people, it’s among the most easily treatable. Based on the underlying cause, official treatment strategies aren’t always necessary but strongly recommended.

This pink eye information can help you learn more about what it is, as well as how it can be prevented and treated. This pink eye information isn’t meant to assume the place of medical intervention, and that we often suggest erring on the side of caution by consulting a doctor if any signs or symptoms of pink eye arise in you or your kids.

What is Pink Eye?

First, let’s being by explaining specifically what pink eye is. “Pink Eye” is the unofficial term for the medical condition Conjunctivitis, which is inflammation in the mucous membrane. The Conjunctiva are thin, clear tissue lining the inner a part of} the eyelid and covering the white part of the eye.

If the blood vessels during this are become inflamed they then become a lot of visible, which gives your eyes a pink-reddish look. The affected eye(s) could also be painful, scratchy or have a burning sensation. The eyes may also tear or have a discharge that forms a crust throughout sleep, thereby  causing the eyes to be “stuck shut” within the morning.

Still curious precisely what pink eye is? We invite you to contact us directly and we can explain in more detail.

Common Causes of Pink Eye

There are several common causes of pink eye. Two of the most common causes of pink eye are:

  1. Bacterial or viral infections passed through direct contact, air or water
  2. Exposure to and allergic reactions from irritants

 Pinpointing the exact causes of pink eye may be difficult because the signs and symptoms tend to be similar regardless of the underlying cause.

It is important to understand that a wide variety of viruses can cause Viral Conjunctivitis. This is why it can occur alongside upper respiratory tract infections, colds, and sore throats.

  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis is caused by infection of the eye with bacteria such as that from a staph infection, strep throat or pneumonia. Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are very contagious, which means they are spread easily between people.
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis can be caused by pollen, mold, animal dander and insects like dust mites. It can also be caused by irritants like contact lenses and contact lens solutions, swimming pool chemicals like chlorine, smog or tainted cosmetics. Unlike viral and bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious.

Preventing Pink Eye

Specific steps you can take for preventing pink eye depend on whether Conjunctivitis is bacterial or allergen related. However, some general tips for preventing pink eye include:

  • Do not share items like towels, tissues and washcloths
  • Be sure to cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and do not rub or touch your eyes
  • Do not share color contact lenses or special effect contacts with anyone
  • Frequently wash your hands, especially when spending time in a school or public place
  • Use hand disinfectant (like Purell) frequently
  • Clean surfaces more then one person uses including countertops, bathroom vanities, faucet handles and phones with safe antiseptic cleaner
  • Ask your doctor what you can do to minimize Allergic Conjunctivitis before symptoms occur during allergy season
  • Always follow your eye doctor’s instructions for contact lens care and replacement, and always use contact lens solutions properly or look into switching to daily disposable contacts
  • Wear swim goggles in the pool to protect yourself from any type of bacteria or micro-organisms that can cause conjunctivitis through water transmission
  • Remove your contact lenses to avoid trapping bacteria between your eyes and the lenses before you shower, use a pool or hot tub, or any public body of water

These are just a few ways you can go about preventing pink eye. Of course, what pink eye is makes it one of those things that seems to appear at school or work every year somewhere.

When this happens, there is only so much you can do to prevent it. If you or your children begin showing signs of Bacterial Conjunctivitis, it is fine to consult readily available pink eye information like this, but we strongly recommend:

  • Consulting a medical professional directly
  • Checking out of of school or work immediately, and remaining out until a medical professional recommends returning
  • Alerting the school(s) or workplace that Conjunctivitis transmission might have taken place

As we discussed in the Common Causes of Pink Eye Section above, what pink eye is makes it very normal. There should be no shame or fear in alerting people to it if it is indeed bacterial. if it is allergen based, there is no fear of transmission.

Preventing Conjunctivitis Eye Infection Recurrence

A Conjunctivitis eye infection can easily reoccur if you do not take preventative steps to help ensure otherwise. Some ways to prevent Conjunctivitis eye infection recurrence include:

  • Throwing away any exposed eye and face makeup or applicators
  • Discarding any exposed contact lens solutions
  • Disposing any exposed contact lenses and cases
  • Clean any eyeglasses and cases you might have used

If you have any questions about preventing Conjunctivitis eye infection recurrence that we did not touch on here, we welcome you to contact us so we can answer them for you!


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