The GEEK Eyewear® Collection is at Tatum Eyecare!

Thanks to GEEK Eyewear, being “geeky” has never been so fashionable and cool! GEEK Eyewear® is a fairly new company that is revolutionizing the eyeglass landscape by celebrating the diversity, individuality and unbridled artistic enthusiasm of Geek culture.

Although it might still be considered the “new chic”,  the “Geek lifestyle” has extended to pop-culture, fashion, sports, technology, music, gaming, film, art and amusement. In this very spirit, GEEK Eyewear® urges us to celebrate the Geek inside of everyone…. and with frames in over 40 different styles for men, women and teens, GEEK has something for everyone to celebrate!

GEEK Chic Glasses®

All GEEK Chic Glasses® and eyewear frames are 100% ophthalmic quality. The frames are made in China but the GEEK Couture Collection is Handmade in Italy. Don’t just take our word for how GEEK Chic Glasses are trending. Instead, check out feedback from the people who are making GEEK Chic Glasses the new up-and-comer to keep an eye out for in the vision care industry!

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When you choose Tatum EyeCare for you vision health and fashion needs, you are choosing optometrists in North Phoenix who are invested in our clients and community. We carry the GEEK Chic Eyewear Collection®, as well as many other designer brands. We’ve proudly served the Valley of the Sun for over 20 years. Stop in to view our extensive eyewear collection, and see for yourself how Tatum EyeCare reframes customer service and optical expertise for everyone!

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