Welcome Dr. O’Daniel!

January 2nd, 2018

Meet Family Optometrist Dr. Kenneth O’Daniel!


Tatum EyeCare is excited to welcome family Optometrist Dr. Kenneth O’Daniel to our close-knit team. Dr. O’Daniel was born in the beautiful mountains of Waynesville, North Carolina but spent most of his life in Dayton, Ohio. He attended Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and graduated from there with a BS in Biology.

In 1977, Dr. O’Daniel began working toward his Masters in BioChemistry. He is a 1983 graduate of the Illinois College Optometry in Chicago, Illinois. Professionally, Dr. O (as we affectionately call him!) has served as past director for the Arizona Optometric Association, and also as past President of the Central Arizona Optometric Society, a post he held for many years.

Dr. O’Daniel moved to Scottsdale in 1986, where he began practicing inside LensCrafters. In 1990 Dr. O’Daniel helped open the Scottsdale LensCrafters, where he presided as Director of Optometric Service for many years.

Family Vision Care Is a Passion


Dr. O’Daniel became an Optometrist because of his love and passion for photography, physics, and a strong desire to provide patients with the ability to see the world more clearly. In this way, family vision care comes naturally to such a genuine, caring person. As a licensed Optometrist, Dr. O’Daniel provides complete family vision care services for people aged seven and up in North Phoenix and our surrounding communities.

Dr. O’Daniel met his wife (and the love of his life!) Lori in Chicago, Illinois while attending Optometry school. Lori, a Chicago native, became an integral part of his practice in 1988. Dr. O’Daniel has also had a fantastic working relationship with Dr.’s Fuller and McPhelan for over two decades. This culminated In January of 2018, when Dr. O’Daniel decided to join Tatum EyeCare, the premier family vision care provider in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

Optometrists in Phoenix


Dr. O’Daniel’s goal is simple: To provide excellent vision care, treat patients as family, and treat everyone he meets honestly and fairly. Tatum EyeCare is excited and proud to welcome Dr. O as part of our team…. which goes even further toward making us the best team of optometrists in Phoenix hands-down.

We know he’ll become an integral part of our patient-centric practice, and we look forward to extending the warmest welcome to all of his existing patients. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. O’ Daniel, or any member of our team of optometrists in Phoenix, please contact us today!


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