Ways To Use Your FSA and HSA Benefits

December 1st, 2017

Use Your FSA Benefits or HSA Benefits


If you have vision health coverage from your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA benefits), Health Savings Accounts (HSA benefits) or an employer sponsored vision insurance plan, it is important to keep in mind many of these types of plans have annual December 31st deadlines.

This means if you do not use them, you could end up losing them before the next calendar year begins. In order to take full advantage of them, contact us to schedule your appointment and use your HSA benefits and FSA benefits!

Flexible Spending Account Benefits


A Flexible Spending Account (or FSA) helps reduce your taxable income, which can allow you to get a larger paycheck after taxes. Flexible Spending Account benefits include allowing you to contribute income into a special tax-free account. This account can go toward your vision care needs. The only catch with Flexible Spending Account benefits is that you must use them by the end of the contribution year, or else they are forfeited.

Health Savings Account Benefits


A Health Savings Account (or HSA) is a tax favored account you can use to offset high deductible health insurance. The money you put in a heath savings account pays deductibles for things like, well, eye doctor visits, glasses and more. One of the best Health Savings Account benefits is that anything left in your account (after your deductible is met) earns interest and is yours for the keeping! This is one of the Health Savings Account benefits that differs from Flexible Spending Accounts, which (as we just discussed) are forfeited annually.

There is Still Time To Spend FSA Benefits


If you want to spend FSA benefits before they expire at the end of this year, there are various ways you can do so while also fulfilling your vision healthcare needs. Some of the ways to spend FSA benefits on vision care include:

*Eye Exams


*Sunglasses/Sports Glasses

*Contact Lenses

*Computer/Reading Glasses

Tatum EyeCare Accepts Many Vision Care Insurance Providers


Tatum EyeCare strives to make vision care accessible and easy for everyone. To help make this possible, we accept many of the top vision care insurance providers. If you are not sure whether you are covered, or if we work with vision care insurance providers you have access to, please give us a call and we will do our best to assist you. At Tatum EyeCare, your family’s eye health is our #1 priority…. so be proactive and call or stop by our office in North Phoenix today!


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