Trending: Scott Harris Eyewear Collections

January 1st, 2017

Trending: Scott Harris Eyewear Collections

In the eye care industry, shopping for designer eyeglass frames is one of the best parts about visiting your eye doctor. Our optometrists carry a variety of brands that all represent something unique to their name. Designer eye wear is continuously expanding in fashion and eye care. Every day, new eyeglass designers make their debut into the eye wear industry. While being new to the industry, Scott Harris is effortlessly cool and on the cutting edge of fashion. He is on the front lines with the hottest looks before they hit the masses.

Scott Harris is both the eyeglass designer and the name of his brand.

He is an artist in the eye care industry and someone to watch out for. As a result, there is no question to why his brand is self-named. He is thriving in the eye industry. Scott Harris’ eye wear line is made for all individuals. The eyeglass collection contains eye wear categorized for Women, Men, Unisex, and Sunglasses. His eyeglass frames are a combination of high fashion and individualism. Therefore, whatever your look may be, the collection has endless possibilities for you to make your own unique statement. From casual to professional, playful to dramatic, edgy or refined, there is a Scott Harris style that is a perfect reflection of you.

The Scott Harris Eyewear Collection has something for everyone.

The eyewear collection has a diverse assortment of eyeglass frames that feature both traditional as well as trendy designs. There are even  Sub-Collection eye wear lines for a more expressive look. The most noteworthy of these are Scott Harris Underground (for that retro appeal), Scott Harris Pulse (for the sleek metal look with a twist) and Scott Harris Vintage (for the true blue old-school look). If you are searching for a unique and trendy pair of glasses, come browse the eyewear collections and see for yourself.

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